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MARIBETH's Works on Manggarai

DR ERB, MARIBETH - Her works on Manggarai

The Manggaraians: Guide to Traditional Life Styles, Singapore: Times Editions. 1999.

"Negotiating History: Myth, Power and Ethnicity in Manggarai (Flores, Eastern Indonesia)." In ASEAN in the Global System, edited by H.M. Dahlan, J. Hamzah, J.H. Ong and A.Y. Hing. Kuala Lumpur: Penerbit UKM. 1997.

"Talking and Eating: Sacrificial Ritual among the Rembong." In For the Sake of Our Futures: Sacrificing in Eastern Indonesia, edited by S. Howell. Leiden: Center for Non-western Studies.

"The Curse of the Cooked People: Weaving among the Rembong, Northeastern Manggarai." In Gift of the Cotton Maiden: Textiles of Flores and the Solor Islands, edited by R. Hamilton. Los Angelos: The Fowler Museum of Cultural History. 1994.

"Flores: Cosmology, Art and Ritual." In Islands and Ancestors: Indigenous Styles of Southeast Asia. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Geneva: Barbier-Mueller Museum. 1988.

“Introduction: Entangled Politics in Post-Suharto Indonesia”, Priyambudi Sulistiyano and Maribeth Erb, in Regionalism in Post-Suharto Indonesia, edited by Maribeth Erb, Priyambudi Sulistiyanto, and Carole Faucher, Routledge-Curzon, forthcoming.

“Creating Cultural Identity in an Era of Regional Autonomy: Reinventing Manggarai?” with Romanus Beni, and Wilhelmus Anggal, in Regionalism in Post-Suharto Indonesia, Maribeth Erb, Priyambudi Sulistiyanto and Carole Faucher eds., London: Routledge-Curzon, forthcoming.

“Miscommunication and Cultural Values in Conflict: Reflections on Morality and Tourism in Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia”, in Tourism: An Interdisciplinary International Journal, special issue on Cultural Differences in Tourism, vol. 52 (1):75-89.

“True Catholics: Religion and Identity in Western Flores”, in Franck Michael ed.
special issue on Religion and Identity (Sentiments religieux et identités culturelles),
Histoire et Anthropologie Asies 2: 125-160.

“‘Uniting the Bodies and Cleaning the Village’: Conflicts over Local Heritage in a
Globalizing World”, in Michael Hitchcock and V.T. King eds, special issue on
Heritage in Southeast Asia, Indonesia and the Malay World, vol 31 (89):129-139

“Eco-tourism and Environmental Conservation in Western Flores: Who Benefits?”, Antropologi Indonesia 66: 72-88.

“Le Tourisme et la Quete de la Culture a Manggarai” (Tourism, and the Search for Culture in Manggarai), special issue on the Anthropology of Tourism in Southeast Asia, edited by Michel Picard and Jean Michaud, Anthropologie et Societes 25(2): 93-108.

“Work, Consumption and the Indonesian Crises in Western Flores”, Southeast Asian
Journal of Social Science, special issue on Changing Indonesia, 28 (2):131-152.

“Introduction: A Changing Indonesia”, by Maribeth Erb and Kathleen M. Adams,
Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science, special issue on Changing Indonesia, 28(2):1-10.

“Understanding Tourists: Interpretations from Indonesia”, Annals of Tourism Research,
27 (3):709-736.

“The Deer and the Boar: Hunting, Predatory Animals and Rituals of Respect in
Rembong Manggarai”, Antropologi Indonesia vol. 56: 28-36.

"Tourism Space in Manggarai, Western Flores, Indonesia: The House as a Contested Place", Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography 19: 177-192.

"Contested Time and Place: Myth and History in Todo, Manggarai (Flores, Indonesia)." Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 28: 47-77. 1997.

"Cuddling the Rice: Myth and Ritual in the Agricultural Year of the Rembong of Northern Manggarai, Indonesia." Contributions to Southeast Asian Ethnography 10: 151-183. 1994.

"Becoming Complete Among the Rembong: This Life and The Next." Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science 21: 10-33. 1994.

how can I contact Maribeth? We knew each other some ten years ago in Waerana, Manggaeai,Flores.

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