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Call for papers: "NTT at the cross road: 50 Years of Development and Reflecting Forwards"

Journal of NTT Development Studies is a peer reviewed, a bi-lingual journal (Bahasa Indonesia or English)

Journal of NTT Development Studies is a peer reviewed, a bi-lingual journal (Bahasa Indonesia or English)

Call for Papers - "NTT at the cross road: 50 Years of Development and Reflecting Forwards" for First Edition Vol 1 April 2008. Preferred Topics for 15 April 2008 edition:
  • 50 Years of East Nusa Tenggara Economic Development
  • Knowledge Management of NTT: Constraints and Opportunities
  • Social Development of NTT: Education, Health and Water/Sanitation
  • NTT Human Development Strategy: A Reflection Forwards
  • Rural Development Infrastructures and Spatial Poverty Analysis of NTT
  • Interdisciplinary Research Agenda for NTT Development
  • International Aid in East Nusa Tenggara: What are the Impacts in 40

First Edition First Volume: Forthcoming in April 2008!

Submission Guidelines and Notes for writers:
Submissions are invited. All manuscripts should be typed and double-spaced in Times New Romans 12. The author's name should appear only on the title page and cover letter. Length of per article is about 3000-5000 words, with maximum 200 words abstracts. Please send your figures and tables in separate files and if possible, please obtain permission for such art work before submitting your manuscript. This journal is both multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary journal on NTT Development Studies. It is available both in Bahasa and in English.

The Interdisciplinary Journal of NTT Development Studies serves as a forum for dialogue and knowledge sharing between scientists and practitioners. Whilst we anticipate that many submissions will come from both international and Indonesian national writers, an important aim of the journal is to provide a space for developing and housing the work of Nusa Tenggara Timur based practitioners and writers who thus far have lacked significant representation in the studies of East Nusa Tenggara developmental field. As such, it is intended that the peer review process will contribute to the goal of developing the research and writing skills of those who submit articles to the journal.

We publish three times a year. For referencing purpose, please Harvard model.
See also example from "Getting the Most from Journal Articles" - download
Email to Editor:;;

The Editor's response can ordinarily be expected within three months after acknowledgment of the receipt of the manuscript. Manuscripts, questions, and other correspondence should be addressed by email Editors:;;

(Jurnal ini bersifat multi dan lintas disiplin yang membahas tentang studi pembangunan NTT dan dipublikasikan dalam bahasa Indonesia atau Inggris. Panjang tulisan berkisar 3000-5000 kata, dengan jumlah abstraksi maksimum 200 kata diketik spasi ganda Times New Romans 12. Dipublikasikan 3 kali dalam setahun.

Untuk format referensi, silahkan menggunakan Harvard model/format terlampir:
Sebagai tambahan, silahkan download paper "Getting the Most from Journal Articles."

Pengiriman manuskrip dilakukan dengan email ke Editor:;;

Notes and Guidelines for Reviewers:
Peer Review Guidelines and Note for Peer Reviewers of NTT Development Journals (Silahkan Download Panduan Peer Review dan catatan bagi editor dan reviewer). Format scoring penilaian reviewer (form for reviewer evaluation of the paper) download

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